Наука на выборах
Подготовку к выборам членов Российской академии наук президент обсудил с главой РАН Александром ...

Наука о человеке: как изменится пластическая хирургия в ближайшем будущем
— президент Российского общества пластических, реконструктивных и эстетических хирургов, доцент кафедры пластической хирургии Первого ...

Наука: Гены и творчество
Творческие способности и то, насколько они предопределены генетикой, а на сколько – окружающим миром ...

Наука: Интересный пациент: как жить без обонятельных луковиц?
Возможно ли обоняние без носа, точнее, без обонятельных рецепторов? Весьма маловероятно. Однако, израильск ...

Неизученные и загадочные. Открыты новые типы клеток в организме человека
19 июля 2016, 02:29РИА Наука Ученые раскрыли происхождение клеток-убийцИммунные клетки — Т-лимфоциты ...

Special Issues In Chairing Academic Departments
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Special Issues In Chairing Academic Departments

1 147 р.

Chairing an academic department comes with a multitude of responsibilities in a wide variety of areas

As a new department chair, you immediately confront many of the basics of academic leadership: managing budgets, supporting faculty, resolving conflict, and facilitating change, to name a few of the topics covered in The Essentials for New Department Chairs, the companion to this booklet

Bringing together in one place for the first time sound advice and proven strategies from experts in the field, these articles from The Department Chair provide practical tips on such topics as post-tenure review, work-life balance for faculty, fundraising, departmental planning, and preparing your administrative résumé

Designed to provide a wealth of strategies in five crucial areas? faculty recruitment and evaluation, faculty mentoring and development, enhancing teaching and building community, departmental initiatives, and chair development and next steps? the expert advice and field-tested techniques presented here offer essential insights into this important chair work

Every selection contains easily accessible strategies and advice that you can put to use immediately

For brand-new department chairs this booklet will provide you with an overview of the complexities of the chair role

For those chairs with a year or two more experience this booklet will provide direction and guidance as you delve more deeply into your responsibilities

The range of articles covers the important functions of academic departments, and the authors impart the skills and thinking you need to enhance your leadership capabilities

This collection is designed to help you navigate the further intricacies of your role

This collection will equip you with lessons to draw from and best practices for leading into the future.